Want to know the most common question in skateboarding? I hope you already know the answer. Yeah! You guessed it right. The most asked question is my height is 6 or 5.9, or else what size skateboard should I get?

You wish we deliver, haha!

So here is our detailed guide on how to pick the right skateboard size.

Let’s deep dive into it.

You might get shocked by my answer, but I love to keep it simple. I will say choose the board that you are comfortable with. Lots of people messed it up with so much physics, chemistry, and a whole lot. Sounds odd? It might be, but that’s the truth.

Let’s narrow it down.

Choose your skateboard size on your height, age, and fit size. Follow the simple list we have given below.

skateboard sizes
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Deck size for learner kids: (7 to 7.5)

If you wanna buy a skateboard for kids, then 7 to 7.5 would be the best size for you. Depending on height and age, pick one of them. These skateboards are lightweight, easy to move, and have enough surface land. that’s why It will be easier for them to liftoff and do some tricks like an ollie.

Just need a few days of practice, and he/she will get comfortable with it.

Deck size for young beginners or adults: (7.75 to 8)

The most preferred deck size range in the skateboarding community. 7.75 is lightweight; that’s why it’s easier to do a flip. It has a good landing room for an average height guy. On the other hand, the 8-inch board has enough landing space for any guy. Suitable for stunts and recommended for beginners, advanced or any level of skaters.

Most of the skaters love to skate in these sizes. So if you ask me about the most suitable skateboard size, I will recommend you to pick one of them.

Again, choosing a deck size is up to you. If you like to skate with a smaller or larger deck than this, just go for it. Comfort is the primary purpose of choosing an appropriate skateboard size. If you like electric skateboards for a relaxing ride you can read our article on electric boards too.

perfect skateboard length for adults
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Wider skateboard for clean landing: (8.25 to 9)

You will find landing is superb easy on these skateboards. There is so much space to land on, but with a larger deck, it puts some weight. It may fill heavier, which will make it a little bit harder to liftoff. These boards are perfect for ramps and skating in the street.

So if you like a wider ramp to land, choose one of these.

Round up again:

Most of the time, people ask like my shoe size is 8 or 9 or 10. What size of skateboard should I ride? My answer always like, it really comes down to personal preference. Please don’t mess it up if you find it hard chose from the list we have given.

Yes, its that much simple.

Final word:

It comes to an end, so wanna know my final thoughts? Just choose a board and start riding. Yeah! that’s all. Ohh! One more thing I have forgotten, Happy riding.

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