Are your skateboard bearings stuck? Have they been damaged somehow and become noisy? Are not the bearings of the skateboard wheels giving you smooth rolling as before? If it seems that the answers are positive, then it is high time you threw away the old bearings and bought new ones. Or maybe your skateboard bearings need a proper cleaning session. In this regard, the first thing that pops in your mind is how to get bearings out of the skateboard wheels. And that’s why you are here today.

Well, the removing process is quite simple, and you can apply it on the go. It just takes a few minutes. But caution is much more important while removing the bearings as you don’t want to damage the wheels if you intend to use them again. Stay tuned with our article. We will let you learn the process thoroughly, step by step. But you should not skip any of the steps given below.

6 Simple Steps to Get the Bearings Out of Skateboard Wheels

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Unscrew the Axle Nut

Axle nuts are used to secure the skateboard wheels placed on the outer side. So the foremost step is unscrewing the nuts. To do this, you need a socket wrench. The socket wrench should be 13 mm (0.5 inches) in size so that it can fit with the axle nuts. You may also go for a ‘T’ shaped skateboard tool which offers multiple assistance, just like the multi plugs.

  • Turn the skateboard deck on its side
  • Set the socket wrench with the axle nuts
  • Unscrew the nuts and keep them carefully as you will need them later

Bring Out the Washers

Once you have unscrewed the nuts, you have to bring out the washer. If we dissect the skateboard, there we will find two washers in every skateboard wheel.

  • Remove the tiny washers by hand between the wheels and the axle nuts
  • Keep those in a safe place for reattaching.

Glissade the wheels to the Axle’s Tip

The heading of this step expresses itself what you have to do now. So simple it is. As a result of this step, the bearings will remain in the axle tip, though it will look like the wheels have come out of the axle rod. But you have to be very gentle in this process.

  • Slowly and carefully slide the wheels to the axle’s tip
  • Make sure the wheels are not separated from the axle rod

Set the Bearings for Prying

The objective of this step is to set the wheels as well as the bearings at a downward angle so that it can easily be pried. After it, you have just one step to go for removing the first bearing.

  • Keep the bearings with the axle tip at a downward angle
  • Make sure the bearings are well hooked by the axle rod end

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Give Gentle Pressure to Remove the First Bearings

In this step, you need to apply the theory of ‘leverage.’ By using the leverage with gentle pressure, the first bearing will pop out of the wheel. As we know, there are two bearings in every skateboard wheel.

  • Set your hand’s heel at the lowest edge of the wheel
  • Place your fingers at the top of the wheel
  • Give gentle pressure by using leverage

Flip the Wheel and Detach the Second Bearings

Hopefully, the first bearings are removed following the predecessor steps. Now, as there are second bearings, you have to remove those also. The procedures are also the same in this regard.

  • Separate the wheels from the axle tip
  • Hold the wheels up high for getting the bearing spacers out if they are not built-in
  • Flip the wheels and set it again for prying as before
  • Remove the bearings by using leverage.

Alternatives of Axle Rod Process

There are two alternatives to this entire ‘axle rod process.’ For this, you need either a skate shop bearing press or a skateboard tool with bearing puller.

Using skate shop bearing press

Skate shop bearing press is such a machine that enables you to get the bearings in and out at the same time. It may be useful at home.

  • Set the wheel on the hook of the bearing press rod
  • Hold the handle to push down gently until the wheels are pulled up against the plates

Using a skateboard tool with bearing puller

  • Insert the tip of the bearing puller to hook the edge
  • Pull off the bearings

Final Verdict

So, we have stated up above all the essential steps for removing the bearings out of the skateboard wheels, including necessary tools. Now, it is your turn. Go, give it a try!

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