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While skateboarding is a fun and creative activity, it has its dangerous side as well. Many folks think that there is no danger in skateboarding. Again, some sources on the internet portray it as the most dangerous sport. I can’t entirely agree with both these views. Indeed, skateboarding comes with numerous danger factors. But compared to other activities like cycling or bike riding, the dangers are not that extreme. In this article, I’ll help you determine how dangerous skateboarding is and related issues.

Before starting, let me tell you that about 30% of skateboarding dangers depend on your luck. But the rest 70% is in your hand, and you can reduce the risks and injuries.

The past culture of skateboarding will help you to have a notion about the association of danger with it.

You know skateboarding got its first boost in Southern California in the 1950s, right?

Skateboarding culture was not that improved and upgraded then as it is today. The skateboards of the initial days were very poor in quality. The wheels, trucks, and other parts were not up to the mark.

The skateboards used to stop working even at a little stumble. And back then, people didn’t care much about the techniques and protections. As a result, many unwanted accidents and injuries were happening on the streets.

Many non-skateboarders started to think of skateboarding as a risky and unsafe activity. The media at that time also influenced this belief to give an establishment.

That’s how the misconception has evolved. People nowadays haven’t completely got out of that yet.

How Dangerous Is Skateboarding
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Aspects of Skateboarding Danger

When it comes to the dangers due to skateboarding, there are two major aspects.

If we give a thought about it, the first aspect that pops in our mind is getting physical damages. But most guys overlook it’s another dangerous aspect. And, that is ‘pecuniary compensation and penalty.

Yes, that’s one kind of danger that you can’t avoid and shouldn’t neglect.

When you’re riding your skateboard, sometimes it may happen that you have damaged the opposite person walking in the sidewalk or any private properties. Even though you are damn ok, and not a single scratch.

Or, the governing laws of the place where you are skating may not allow doing so at a particular time. So, that makes you a lawbreaker, and you may have to give fine for this.

As a rider, you should be careful about both dangerous aspects.


Are you thinking of skateboarding is a crime? Check out our article on that.

Is Skateboarding Dangerous
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The Circumstances Which Make Skateboarding Dangerous

Now I’ve come to that section where I’m going to mention some crucial circumstances which the skateboarders need to keep in mind. Skateboarding in these circumstances has led many riders to the dangers and injuries.

  • Using a poor quality skateboard
  • Going for a ride in the busy roads and densly traffic areas without learning the basics and adequate training
  • Opting for advanced tricks even before acquiring the proper skills
  • Skateboarding at high speed without proper protective gears
  • Riding on a very bad and damp weather

The Skaters Who Fall Mostly in the Danger Zone

The above-stated circumstances and safety issues are applicable for almost all the skateboarders out there. Whether you are an expert in the skating arena or a beginner, you have to face all these if you don’t become cautious from the first day.

There are more than 20 million skateboarders around the world today. Most of them are male, and only a few percentages are female. If we divide the riders according to the age, there are 3 age groups.

#Kids (5-14)

#Teens (15-25)

#Adult (above 25)

One research of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) shows that most of the victims of skateboarding injuries are under aged kids. About one-third of the victims in the US due to skateboarding is the young kids.

Accidents and injuries may happen in case of expert riders as well. Like I said, 30% of the skateboard injuries depend on luck, and bad things happen. In my opinion, the under aged kids fall mostly in the skateboarding danger zone.

Kids are very insensitive, and they don’t have much concern about safety issues. Plus, lack of balance control, higher center of gravity, and week motor coordination are the reasons behind the high graph of injuries at this age.

So, the parents need to take this very seriously and keep their child under rigid supervision.

Is skateboarding worth the risk
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Skateboarding Injuries

Every outdoor sport requires physical involvement and mental coordination. Skateboarding is no exception here.

The ratio of skateboarding related injuries is less than any other usual sport in the US.

But there are possibilities of frequent injuries in skateboarding.

The skaters generally face two types of injuries due to reckless skateboarding:

  • Minor Injuries: Abrasions, deep cuts, sprained ankles, strains, groin injuries, swollen elbows, and knees, etc.
  • Severe Injuries: Broken bone, facial injuries, dislocations, concussions, blunt head trauma, etc.

The minor injuries are very common cases. But the riders who get severe injuries need to be hospitalized.

These severe injuries have various unwanted consequences like permanent disability or even death.

The Statistics Regarding Skateboarding Injuries

Skateboarding holds the eighth position in terms of getting injuries. It justifies the fact that skateboarding is not an extremely dangerous sport.

However, you need to learn some statistics as well.

A record of 2002 shows that every year about 50,000 injured skaters need emergency treatments in the US.

About 5% of skateboarding injuries are severe. Most of the severe skateboarding injuries happen due to collision with other motor vehicles and pedestrians. And the riders get common injuries due to imperfect tricks and falls.

About 74% of skateboarders face sprains and fractures, while 37% of those happen due to loss of balance during rides.

tips to stay safe while skateboard surfing
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How to Keep Yourself Out of the Dangers

Previously, you’ve learned about all the skateboarding dangers and safety concerns.

It’s more important for you to learn how to prevent dangers and come back home in one piece. Memorize the following guidelines given below:

  • Choose a quality skateboard as per your height and weight. Don’t waste your penny on non-branded or cheap quality boards. A skateboard with a good construction will save you
  • Purchase a qualitative set of protective gear like helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, shoes, gloves, butt pads, etc. in order to prevent injuries. Don’t be a lazy person to wear these.
  • Skateboarding is a skill-based sport. The amount of practice will determine how good you are. So, practice, practice, and practice. Stick with the basics and don’t get on the roads unless you are skilled
  • Every person has his caliber. Don’t push yourself towards anything out of your league, at least at the beginning level
  • Before going out for a ride, make sure that your skateboard is in a good working condition
  • Choose an appropriate place for skating. And of course, have a check on the weather updates
  • Learning to fall will help you to minimize the risks. So, try to imitate falling and discover your techniques
  • Learn to handle panic situations
  • Keep yourself in shape so that you may not gain extra weight which can cause loss of balance
  • Don’t use headphones while riding

Final Pronouncement

After all the discussions, it is crystal clear that skateboarding is not dangerous. If the riders maintain the safety issues properly, then there are no problems and injuries. However, skateboarding is a very good form of exercise. Besides that, it works on mental health also.

So, why are you having a second thought?

Go, grab your skateboard, and enjoy the ride!

But make sure that you follow the guidelines.

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