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Do you know a lot of people often make mistakes when choosing skateboard wheels for any particular surface or condition?

Yes, because they think all the skateboard wheels are the same, but they’re not.

The Skating surface makes it indispensable to understand the requirements for picking the best wheelset.

A few days earlier, I searched for the best skateboard wheels for rough roads for my board. I researched the whole day and found some great quality skateboard wheels. So, I thought, why not share my knowledge and experience with you guys.

In my article, I’ll not only recommend those wheels but also guide you in the right direction.

Now, let’s meet the best skate wheels for rough surfaces in the list given below:

Here Are the Reviews of Best Skateboard Wheels for Rough Roads in 2022

Rough surfaces mean bumpy, craggy, cobblestoned roads. Your skate wheels can quickly wear out or get cracked. So, to prevent that from happening, the wheels need to be convenient with the surface texture. That makes the rides smooth, and the wheels last long.

The wheels I’m going to talk about here hold all the characteristics to make the rough surfaces smooth like butter.

Let’s explore the wheels one by one.

OJ Mini Hot Juice Skateboard Wheels

OJ Mini Hot Juice Skateboard Wheels are one of the best rough road wheels that you can have at a low price. It features quite small size wheels than the previous 60mm version. That’s why the manufacturer named it mini.

If I talk about the design and look, it is premium.

OJ mini comes with a set of 4 Trans Orange Juicy wheels. The manufacturer has put its effort into improving the Urethane formula to make it more soft and durable.

The wheels have a round conical shape. This particular shape is skate friendly in various rough surfaces and terrains.

Let’s get to the main points- diameter and durometer. The diameter of OJ Mini Hot Juice wheels is 55mm. I know it’s not the ideal size, but it fits with every regular street deck.

Due to the size, it rolls faster but a bit slow in acceleration. That’s quite an advantage for the cruising lovers. Plus, the small wheels remove the idea of adding risers. That means less wheel bite.

And the durometer of these wheels is 78A, measured in the ‘Shore A’ scale. So, the wheels are soft enough to produce grip. Besides that, the wheels absorb maximum impacts and vibrations.

It features a 38mm contact patch, which is preferably wider than usual skate wheels. So, when you’re riding on the bad surfaces, the wheels will hold your feet firmly by producing grips.

All in all, OJ Mini wheels can be a good attachment to your skateboard deck to hit the rough grounds.


Minimal pushing

Wide wheels

No additional risers


No tricks and slides



Ricta Clouds 78A Skateboard Wheels

Who doesn’t know about the Ricta? It’s a brand in the skateboard world that is famous for making efficient skateboard wheels suitable for various surfaces. In terms of quality and reliability, they are totally up to the mark.

I’ll talk here about the Cloud wheels from Ricta. This white beauty is made for smooth cruising on the rough surfaces and small debris.

It comes with a quantity set of 4 wheels. The manufacturer has given all the wheels a classic shape. I’m sure you’ll love all the things about the shape.

High-quality Urethane formula has enriched the efficiency of the wheels and made it long-lasting. As a result, you get bouncy rides. Whenever you go out with your board, you don’t have to worry about keeping spare wheels.

The Cloud wheels come with various diameter options. As you are thinking about rough roads wheels, the best diameter for you is 60mm. Not as big as the longboard wheels, but a good to go option for you. You don’t have to worry about the speed as the wheels roll faster.

The durometer level is ideal 78A. So it is soft enough to roll over the bricked, rugged, asphalt roads. Due to the softness of the wheels, you’ll not feel any shakes. And the wheels come up with maximum grip so that the riding control is in your hand.

As the wheels are rounded lip, the contact patch is much wider. And the weight distribution is even.


Smooth and quiet ride

Fits all standard bearings


No tricks


Sector 9 Slide Butterball Skateboard Wheels

Besides making different sizes of skateboards, Sector 9 also manufactures skateboard wheels set for the skateboarders. As you’re looking for skateboard wheels for bad roads, Sector 9 comes here to help you with its butterball wheels.

Undoubtedly, it’s a top pick for you guys. In terms of color, design, construction, and performance, it has outraced many skateboard wheels.

While unboxing, you’ll find a nice set of 4 white wheels having rounded lip shape. Though the shape is rounded lip, it’s not a problem in case of these particular wheels. I must tell you why.

At first, I’ll talk about the core placement. The constructor of Sector 9 has used cosmic core and placed it like the centerset. Thus makes the wear pattern wider and consistent. The Rotation while riding is smoother due to this.

Moreover, it produces the right amount of grip to stick with the rough surface. The surface texture of Sector 9 butterball has a contribution in small sliding and drifting. As the surface texture is stone ground, aka similar to the riding surface, the wheels get less resistance.

All the things happen due to 65mm diameter and 80A hardness of the wheels. The wheels’ size and hardness are convenient in case of riding in the rough, rugged paths. It makes the small cracks and debris like butter.

In one sentence, Sector 9 butterball is a lovable wheelset with good control and efficiency.



Core placement

Contact patch

Stone ground


Poor quality paint

Slight flatspot



Cloud Ride Cruiser Skateboard Wheels

The 4th wheel that I’m going to mention now is the Cloud Ride Skateboard Wheels from the Cruiser series. The wheelset justifies its name, and you’ll feel like riding in the clouds, even on the roughest surfaces.

You’ll get 6 colors to choose one. I loved the ‘clear blue’ personally.

It’s a good quality square-lipped wheelset with maximum softness and grip. As the diameter is 78A, it absorbs most of the vibrations caused by small rocks and asphalt. And the 69mm diameter makes this wheelset a perfect cruising one for the beginners.

Though the diameter is big, it fits all the regular and penny decks. And another thing is, the longboard users also can attach this wheelset for cruising.

The Cloud Ride wheels are built for lasting long and not for disappointing the customers.

The Cloud ride manufacturer, in their wheels, uses high a rebound Urethane formula. This particular wheelset has cruiser urethane. As a result, the riders get a good rolling speed and maximum grip.

The wheel core has been set as an offset style. So, the wear pattern is next to consistent.

Due to the shape and size, the contact patch is wide, making maximum contact with the riding surface. Whether you are riding on a road full of pebbles or small rocks, you will not fall off the ground and injure yourselves.

Moreover, it is also good to go option for freeriding, carving, and downhill riding.


Comes with bearings

Quiet and smooth rides


Slight wheel bite


Orangatang Stimulus Freeride Skateboard Wheels

Orangatang, the Southern California based company, has been producing excellent quality skateboard wheels since the beginning. Whether it is freeriding, tricks, sliding, cruising, or carving, Orangatang wheels never disappoint.

To solve the rough terrain issues, Orangatang has launched an outstanding skateboard wheelset. Performance-wise it is an all-rounder. Though I’m recommending it for your skateboards, the longboard users also can pick it. It is one of the best mid-sized longboard wheels for cruising on rough roads.

However, our main concern is the performance of these wheels on the rough surfaces.

Orangatang Stimulus has a much bigger diameter. As a result, you will feel no jerks due to small rocks and pebbles and no more wobbles.

Besides that, the wheelset comes with a wide contact patch of 42mm. And because of the wide contact patch, the weight distribution is proportionate to all the places. That makes a great impact in terms of performance. Moreover, the contact patch is stone ground. So, there is less resistance and less grip. You can do some tricks and slides also.

These California made round lip wheels come with pre-loaded with Jehu V2 bearings and spacers. You don’t have to pay extra money for that.

The wheels’ core is offset and encapsulated. The Urethane formula used here is fast, grippy, and buttery smooth.


Wide contact patch


Integrated bearings and spacers


May cause wheel bites



Shark California Roll Skateboard Wheels

California roll skateboard wheelset is an exceptional invention by the Shark Wheels. According to the scientists, this wheelset has a longer lifespan than other competitive skateboard wheels in the market.

California roll has a size of 60mm, not so big, and very much suitable for the standard decks. Though the diameter is 60mm, it has less height. As a result, you don’t have to face wheel biting issues. One of the most important facts is, the wheels provide a lower center of gravity, which makes the rides smooth and steady.

Moreover, the wheels have a wider length to wide ratio. That means you’ll get a wide but thin contact patch. The wheels show three beautiful sine wave patterns on the surface texture. These patterns make their contributions on the cracked, rugged roads.

The rolling speed and acceleration are way faster than you can imagine. As the wheels roll, small debris and rocks are pushed out of the way.

According to the ‘Shore A’ scale, the durometer is 78A. I think 78A is the ideal hardness level to win over the rough terrains. The soft California roll wheels produce less friction and a good amount of grip.

The Urethane formula used in California roll wheels gives a 15% rebound and wear advantage comparing to other skateboard wheels.

This exceptional California roll wheels retain the speed even on the bad roads favorably.


Smooth ride

Lower center of gravity



Bad molding

 Poor delivery


Everland Skateboard Wheels

Everland Skateboard Wheels are the market’s one of the best skateboard wheels to roll over on the roughest surfaces. The manufacturer of Everland has made these great quality wheels intending to have comfort cruising.

Let’s talk about the size and the shape of the wheels. These Everland wheels come with a diameter of 65mm. It is not only suitable for the skateboarders but also for the longboard riders.

You’ll get 4 square lip wheels with a variety of 6 colors. Due to such shape, you’ll get an even weight distribution while riding. The rocks, cracks, and pebbles will not be able to cause any disturbance.

The other important factor of these wheels is the durometer. Everland wheels have 78A softness, measured in the ‘Shore A’ scale. That is soft enough to give you sufficient grip. As a result, you’ll get a fabulous and smooth ride every time you hop on the board.

What surprised us is that the skateboard wheels by Everland fit most of the trucks and bearings and hold them secured. It’s a likable advantage.

Plus, the rubber wheels are made of a good quality composite of Urethane. At this reasonable price, you’ll get a good set of long-lasting and durable skateboard wheels.

If you like freeriding or cruising through the city and bricked sidewalks, then these penny wheelset is for you.


Square shape



May cause wheel bites


Santa Cruz Slimeball Skateboard Wheel

The last skateboard wheels that I picked is the Santa Cruz Slimeball Skateboard Wheels. These Slimeball wheels are capable of running on any rough surface.

The wheels have an old school design and a classic shape, inspired by the 80’s skate wheels. And in 2022, Santa Cruz has brought back the old and original mold and Urethane formula to improve the wheels’ performance.

With a variety of color options, you’ll find eye-catchy slime graphics on sidewalls. All of these were about design and construction.

Now let’s explore the performance of these wheels. With a diameter of 66mm, it is average in size but fits all the regular skateboards. The wheels have a good capability of rolling over small cracks and pebbles due to the classic round lip shape.

The wheels have a large contact patch to hold your weight evenly.

Like the other skateboard wheels, Santa Cruz Slimeball wheels have a hardness level of 78A. Due to this, you’ll get a sufficient grip that is good for controlling the rough terrains.

The Santa Cruz wheels get consistent traction when you’re at high speed. As a result, you’ll not slip out of the line.

These wheels are not meant for tricks and slides. But the performance on the rough asphalts has sold me.


Original molds

Consistent traction


Wheel bite


Choosing the Best Rough Road Skateboard Wheels: A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Up above, I’ve recommended the best wheels that I found during my research. But in practice, it is not possible to get a full preview by reading the reviews only. You have to get some theoretical knowledge so that you can make your decision own.

Here I’ll discuss everything that you need to check out before spending bucks on any skateboard wheels. You can say it as a buyer’s guide. Go through them carefully.


When you’re going to buy any skateboard wheel, you’ll find some number written in ‘mm’ on the sidewall. The number with ‘mm’ is the diameter of that particular wheel.

Now the question is, what is the diameter? And what is its significance?

Well, diameter refers to the size of any wheel. For example, Sector 9 Slimeball on our list has a diameter of 65mm. There are different sizes of skateboard wheels available in the market. Different sizes have different purposes, such as skating types and skating surfaces.

Small size wheels roll faster than bigger wheels. Again, big wheels provide more comfortable rides.

As your primary concern is the rough surfaces, wheel size plays a vital role here.

If you go for a small wheelset, then rolling over the rough terrains will be difficult. On the other hand, if you buy a very big wheelset, that won’t suit your skateboard, and you’ll end up with having wheel bites.

It would be best if you bought a wheelset, which falls between 58mm-70mm. That means not so small and not so big wheels. Though I’ve suggested OJ Mini, it’s a preferable exception.


Durometer is the second major thing you should check. It’s a number that you can find written on the wheel’s sidewall. It determines the hardness level of any wheel.

With the help of the ‘Shore Durometer’ device, the manufacturers measure the wheels’ hardness levels. There are mainly two durometer scales: ‘Shore A’ and ‘Shore B.’

Most manufacturers use the ‘Shore A’ scale, which ends with 101A. However, a few manufacturers use the ‘Shore B’ scale, which is 20 points less than the ‘A’ scale.

So what is the role of the durometer?

The higher the number of durometers, the higher the wheel is in hardness. For example, 101A is much harder than 78A.

Now, if you’re having thought of buying skateboard wheels that are suitable on various rough terrains, then you should go for softer wheels. Soft wheels are slower than the harder wheels, with adequate grip. And here you’re not into speed. Instead, you need a stable and secure cruising performance from your wheels. From this perspective, I can say, rough road skateboard wheels are more like cruising style wheels.

Experts suggest the wheels which fall between 78A-87A. The wheels in this range are soft enough to produce grip. To some extent, you can raise the number to 92A as per your convenience.

Contact patch

The contact patch of a wheel determines the amount of the wheel’s surface texture that makes contact with the riding surface. The higher the contact patch, the wider the amount of contact with the pavement. The wheels with a large contact patch will distribute your weight evenly over the large area. That will make an impact on the wheel’s grip.

The contact patch has a direct relation with the wheel shape as well. Square-lipped wheels make more contact with the surface than the narrow or rounded lip wheels.

So, make sure the wheels you’ve chosen have a wide contact patch.

best skateboard wheels for bumpy roads
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Wheel shape

You already know that there are skateboard wheels of various shapes. Every wheel shape stands for different skating styles. If you buy skateboard wheels with the wrong shape, then it’ll disappoint you. So, you have to choose the shape carefully.

For riding on the craggy, rugged roads, the square lip and the rounded lip wheels are perfect.

As I told earlier, square lip wheels have a wider contact patch than the narrow lips.

Surface texture

You should check out the surface textures of the wheels as well.

There are two types of surface texture you’ll find on the skateboard wheels-

  • Stone ground
  • Smooth ground

The key difference between these two is the variation of contact points with the surface. The stone-ground surface has fewer contact points, which means less resistance. So, the stone ground wheels produce less grip, and sliding is easier.

On the other side, the smooth ground has more contact points than the stone ground. So, more resistance means more grip.

As a rider on the rough terrains, both the surface texture is okay for you. But if it is smooth ground, then it is more than okay.


Durability is a common demand of the customers. We all want our skateboard wheels to last long. We don’t want to get those cracked or flat-spotted so quickly.

So, what should we do?

We should check building quality along with the product descriptions and reviews. As skateboard wheels are a fundamental part of skating, we should not buy wheels from any non-brands.

Besides that, you should consider your height and weight. The rider’s height and weight can decrease the performance and durability of the wheels.


I have told earlier that the skateboard wheels are the combination of good quality plastic and rubbers. And almost every wheel has a high rebound Urethane formula to make this combination better.

So, before clicking on ‘add to your cart,’ you must check the materials used for building the wheels.

Materials determine the quality and longevity of the wheels.

Guy riding skateboard on roads
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Now, I’ll give answers to some frequently asked questions. Check them out given below:

What is the best hardness level for skating over the rugged surfaces?

A: You already know that the ‘Shore A’ scale determines the wheel’s hardness level. Also, some manufactures follow the ‘Shore B’ scale for their wheels. This level is called as durometer.

The hardness level of the skateboard wheels must not be so high when skating over the rough surfaces. Cause there lies the possibility of lots of vibrations and jerks due to small rocks, stones, and pebbles. And that discomfort won’t please you.

So you need to have a set of soft, bouncy wheels that can easily absorb all the possible vibrations and bumps. According to the experts, you should go for the skateboard wheels having a durometer between 78A-87A.

What is the best skateboard wheel brand?        

A: It’s very tough to choose one specific brand and a bit unfair too. But as you’re insisting me, then I’ll go for several brands, not just one. You can choose wheels from any of the brands below:

  • Ricta Clouds
  • Cloud Ride
  • Orangatang
  • Freedare
  • OJ
  • Sector 9
  • Spitfire Bighead
  • Santa Cruz

But I’m not saying that the other brands are not good. I hope you get it.

What should I do to make my wheels last long?

A: On whichever surface you ride, your skateboard wheels require regular maintenance and cleaning. Especially if you regularly ride over the rugged paths, then it is a must for you to clean the bearings and trucks after a particular time.

So simple. Get the bearing out of your skateboard wheels and clean out the grimes, dirt, and debris. That will help your wheels for having a larger lifespan.

Can I do tricks and sliding with the rough road wheels?

A: Yes, why not. But you can’t do tricks and sliding with all the skateboard wheels for rough roads. For this, you have to go through the wheel descriptions and check the capability.

In my article, I mentioned a few wheels that can do the tricks and slides for you.

Last Words

After all the conversations, it’s time to sign out. But I won’t leave without announcing the winner here. Moreover, the article will be incomplete without a proper conclusion.

In my opinion, the Cloud Wheels from Ricta has stolen the show. Undoubtedly the best skateboard wheels for rough roads. Cloud Wheels are the combination of speed and grip at a friendly budget. And no matter how rough the surface is, you’ll be like floating.

Lastly, I’ve shared all my experiences and thought with you guys. Now, the choice is yours.

Happy riding!

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