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Are you a beginner who is having recent thoughts of setting his footprints in the longboarding arena and looking for the best longboards for beginners? Well then, I guess you are amid huge confusion because it is quite a tough job to find the best board.

Trust me, when I bought my first longboard, I was a confused guy like you and made a mistake. Surely, I don’t want you to do that now.

In this article, we have come up with 11 best budget-friendly longboards. Our firm belief is that, at the end of the article, you will feel more confident than before to pick one from our list.

List of Best Longboards for Beginners:

  1. Retrospec Zed Bamboo Cruiser Longboard
  2. Minority Downhill Maple Deck Longboard
  3. Volador Freeride Complete Cruiser Longboard
  4. Slendor Drop Through Longboard
  5. Yocaher Professional Longboard
  6. Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Longboard
  7. Atom Drop-through Longboard
  8. SCSK8 Natural Blank and Stained Longboard
  9. Retrospec Rift Drop-through Longboard
  10. Krown Rasta Lion Freestyle Elite Longboard
  11. Rimable Drop Down Longboard

11 Best Longboards of 2022 for Beginners: Reviews

As a newbie, you should never have any high expectation from your longboard. That will cause numerous consequences. For instance, we can say it will raise your budget unnecessarily. And at the very beginning, it will be a foolish thing to do. Cause you will need to use your board rapidly to learn the controlling.

Instead, it would be best if you went for the one at a reasonable price. While choosing the best longboards for you, we have paid much attention to the durability and stability of the longboards. And that’s what you guys need right now.

Retrospec Zed Bamboo Cruiser Longboard

Retrospec is a well-known manufacturer in the longboard arena, and over the years they have produced amazing longboards. This time we have come up with the Retrospec Zed Bamboo Cruising Longboard from the Zed series, which is a perfect entry-level pintail board.

Not so pricy; affordable, but it has much more to impress you.

Let’s start with the design it has. In one single sentence, it is fantabulous with its Californian dapper look. You have six different color options here on the graphic side to choose. Among them, aqua fishtail and green flora are our personal favorite.

One of the most important parts of a beginner longboard is the deck. We think Retrospec Zed has the best longboard deck. The combination of maple and Bamboo has made the deck super flexible, stable, lightweight and maneuverable. So, no chance to raise any question regarding durability and reliability.

Let’s go to the truck section. It comes with 7 inches of rugged and robust trucks, which are made of Aluminum, not of plastic. Most importantly, they are reverse kingpin trucks. You know the advantages of it, right? Okay, we will discuss it later.

The longboard features 70×51 mm PU wheels with the durometer level 85A. That means they are enough soft and capable of excellent grip. We have tested the wheels with a Shore durometer.

The pre-installed ABEC-7 bearings are not up to the mark, but they are manageable for the beginners.

Wheel biting is an important issue, and the manufacturer has not overlooked it. The deck has milled wheel wells on the bottom side which work to prevent wheel bites.




Anti-bite technology

Complete longboard


Less weight loading capacity

Underperforming bearings

Spacer and riser board is plastic


Why we recommend

This classic cruiser is a perfect deal for the beginners. It gives a premium stable riding feel with a vintage vibe. So, why shouldn’t we love it?

Minority Downhill Maple Deck Longboard

Although the brand name is Minority, performance-wise the longboards made by it are not minor. The manufacturer tries to make the boards so minimalistic that they fulfil the basic requirements of the riders. Minority Downhill Maple Deck Longboard such an amazing minimalistic longboard.

The deck of this longboard is a huge plus point. In terms of size and strength, the board has maintained the standard level. 8 ply Hardrock Maplewood has been used by cold pressing as a material. That has contributed to making the board sturdier and compact.

If we talk about the design, it is very attractive and eye-catchy with versatile vintage graphic arts. Though design doesn’t matter for the newbies, we couldn’t resist us from telling you this. You will get a board designed with classic downhill drop model.

You can choose this board without even thinking twice only because of the feature ‘lower center of gravity’. That means the center of the deck is close to the ground, which enhances the stability during rides.

Minority Downhill Maple comes with genuine Aluminum made 7 inches trucks. But the kingpins are not traditional.

In addition to that, the trucks can be adjusted from 45° to 50° that helps for smooth turning.

Not only a sturdy deck but also a set of good performing wheels is much more important. In this regard, the wheels are durable and soft enough to give you the required grip. Bearings are precision marked ABEC-9, and that gives the wheels good rolling.

Moreover, at this price range, you will get a perfect drop-down board which is lightweight, portable, and super maneuverable.


Excellent build quality & design


Big wheelbase

Anti-wheel bite technology


No shock pad

Slight wider than usual



Why we recommend

The ultimate quality and design of this board prove the manufacturer’s effort. Everyone loves this downhill board, and so do we.

Volador Freestyle Complete Cruiser Longboard

Volador Freeride Complete Cruiser Longboard has gained huge popularity among the novice riders. ‘Bestseller’ in the Amazon is the proof of that statement. So, you can pick this up without any doubt.

Actually, all the beginner’s longboard are pretty similar in terms of features. But the differences you will see mainly in the component qualities. And this one has a strong position in this ground.

The most attractive part of it is its design and artworks on the graphic side. The artworks are so mind-blowing and come with variations. I think ‘Fuji Sakura’ is the coolest one.

Oh! I forgot to tell you! There is an artwork also on the grip side.

Basically, the deck is a drop-through concave deck. The manufacturer has used the ‘cold pressing’ procedure to build the deck with natural camber Maple. For proper sticking the wood, methanol-free epoxy glue has been used which is environment friendly.

An outstanding initiative, obviously!

You can rely on this board as it is built for speed and will give you sharp and stable riding. The 7 inches Aluminum made trucks and the 78A rebound PU wheels play important roles in this regard.

The PU wheels contain ABEC-9 precision bearings made by chrome steel. The customers have given mixed reactions about the bearings inside.

But all in all, it’s really a good deal for your learning journey as it is lightweight, sturdy, and supremely flexible.


Stable cruiser

Weight management capacity

Smooth turning (90°-110°)


Underperforming bearings



Why we recommend

Even though the price is a bit higher than other chosen products, Volador 42” is a complete longboard having all the qualities in it.

Slendor Drop-through Longboard

Slendor Drop-through Longboard is another high performing budget-friendly longboard and suitable for the beginners; whether you have learning experience or not.  You will get the combination of style, material and component at a very reasonable price.

It comes with a ‘blue skull’ color, which is very much lit and cool.

Like the Volador 42”, Slendor is also a drop-through camber deck which is famous for its flex and shock absorbing performance. 9 ply natural Hardrock-Maple has been used by cold pressing as the deck material.

The 85A PU wheels have rock finish in the outer side, and they have shock absorb ring inside. But they produce less grip, which is a minus point.

Apart from that, the bearings used here are high-speed chrome steel ABEC-9. So, it becomes balanced now.

You will get 180mm Aluminum trucks. And you have the freedom to adjust the trucks in between 45°-50° whichever you want. That not only makes it more maneuverable but also great turning board.

If we sum up all the traits, you will find maximum stability and top-notch performance.

Undoubtedly, you can count on this value for money board. After completing learning, you can use it as a regular board for a long period.

It is particularly great for downhill and freestyle riding. But these stages come later for you guys.



Shock absorber

Wide turning radius

Ultra-low rolling resistance

100% refund


Less grip

Large wheels




Why we recommend

Among lots of reasons, we can mention the stability and mobility for selecting this board. We hope you will have the same reaction.

Yocaher Professional Longboard

Yocaher Professional Longboard is a complete longboard skateboard. Don’t get confused with the tag ‘professional’ in the name. It is suitable for beginners as well as for professional riders.

Comes with two different colors and both the colors will give you punk feel. It is an ideal size deck made of Maple. Even though this concave one is sturdy enough, you will find less flex. That’s a negative side of this board.

The center of the deck is very close to the surface. So, it gets much easier for the riders to balance their weight distribution, and rides become more stabilized.

The HD7 Aluminum made top mounted trucks hang with 180mm hangers. And the wheels attached to the trucks produce enough grips during riding as they have 78A hardness. They are also capable of high speed riding without wobbles.

Those who have a concern about their weights, let me tell you Yocaher Professional offers incredible weight taking capacity. But you will find it very much portable as it is lighter than other boards.

The manufacturer has paid their concern to prevent the unwanted wheel bites. And for this, we can see cutouts around the nose and tail.

On the grip side, to keep your foot in place, Black Widow premium grade tape has been used. It’s also an addition to your standing stance.


High-quality lightwood

Weight management capacity

Bidirectional design

Big wheelbase



Average bearings



Plastic bushings

Less flex

Why we recommend

Though we can see some drawbacks, they are fixable. But if we look upon the positive sides, this board is trustworthy at the budget range.

Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Longboard

Quest longboards are another name for style, quality and attitude altogether. The manufacturers of quest have always given their best to meet the customers need. And Quest cruiser Artisan Longboard is one of the finest complete longboards from Quest.

The longboard deck has the combined construction of Maple and bamboo. When there is bamboo as a material, you will not have to worry about flexibility.

Plus, the variations of abstract arts have given this board a traditional vibe. The graphics created on the graphic side are very detailed and fresh. Anti-slip and wear-resistant black grip tape on the grip side will help to keep your feet in place.

So, this 44” Quest longboard is capable of giving you the optimal performance as well as durability at a very low budget. There are a few things which play monumental roles in this regard.

We’ve spoken about the deck already. Now it comes to the trucks and wheels. Like other longboards, the trucks are reverse kingpin, and Aluminum made. You will get Polyurethane wheels which are transparent stone grounded and have 80A hardness. And the bearings are carbon made ABEC-7.

All these things will make your every ride super-fast and reactive.

The manufacturer has given the option of installing 4mm riser pads so that there may not be any kind of wheel bites.

When it comes to the wheelbase, the size of the wheelbase is not up to the mark, but manageable.

So, for beginners and newly learned riders Quest can be a perfect commute board.



Riser pads

Excellent grip tape

Reactive trucks

Weight loading capacity


Noisy bearings


Sloppy graphics

Small wheelbase


Why we recommend

We have tested this board several times. The stability and durability have made it the best super cruiser longboard so far.

Atom Drop-through 41 inches Longboard

The longboards made by Atom are very much popular among the different types of riders. There are specific reasons behind that. We can mention the brand value and customer service they provide in this regard.

Atom has produced beginner longboards of different styles: drop-down, drop-through, pintail etc. But now we have Atom Drop-through Longboard to discuss.

You know what a drop-through deck is, right?

Well, Atom Drop-through 41” will knock at your door as a complete longboard. After unwrapping the package, you will find this beauty very precise.

The deck made of fully laminated Maple wood will impress you at first sight. Gradually you will find out that the deck has a unique perimeter shape and less height from the ground.

Imagine. How lovely the scene is!

It’s not surreal but the actual truth.

This lightweight board is perfect for riding from uphill to down and carving. You will have ultimate comfort in day to day ridings as it is stable.

Previously we’ve mentioned about the shape of the deck. It has great importance in terms of turning. When it comes to the wheel bites, the perimeter shape contributes here also to prevent the wheel bites.

Because of the ultra-low deck, many riders love to call it as a ‘down to earth’ deck.

The high rebound urethane wheels have adequate clutches and the bearings installed in the wheels come with high-speed lubricant.

In a word, it an ideal cruising pick for the newcomers.




Reverse kingpin

1-year warranty

Fully assembled







Why we recommend

Apart from the minus points, Atom Drop-through is a super-fast, durable and smooth longboard; can be helpful for the beginners.

SCSK8 Natural Blank and Stained Longboard

SCSK8 Natural Blank and Stained Longboard is one of the best complete longboards in the market. No matter if you’re a beginner or a professional who has riding experience for many years, this board is good to go.

Basically, it’s a pintail longboard. The name of this board is quite interesting. You will find three words there: ‘natural’, ‘blank’ and ‘stain’. Before going to the other sections, let’s breakdown it.

The three words mentioned in the previous para go for the looks. You will find no artwork on the graphic side. Instead, it looks like a bare deck wall which is varnished aka appropriately stained. Isn’t the look natural?

Now, we will explore the build quality of the deck. Hardrock Maple, well-known for strength and resilience, is the fundamental material of this SCSK8 board. As a result, the board gets little flex and more stability.

The wheels are mainly Polyurethane, produce high bounce and feature flat spot resistance. The firm and sturdy wheels will make your ride comfortable as they are soft enough to grip.

No matter how rough or uneven the surface is, this board will absorb shocks and bumps and carry you away. Thanks to the SCSK8 Pro black grip tape.

But the most dissatisfying thing, it has low weight taking capacity. As a result, many of you may opt for another one. But it’s not a problem for the kids and teenagers.

Every turning is sharp and promising while riding due to the ABEC-9 bearings in the wheels.

Lastly, for daily cruising and enjoying the summer breeze, it’s a great choice.



Long-lasting wheels

Complete longboard

Downhill riding

No maintenance


Not for tricks

Bad trucks

Less weight taking ability



Why we recommend

Apart from weight management ability, this one is a super cruising longboard with a pintail shape.

Retrospec Rift Drop-through Longboard

Retrospec Rift Drop-through Longboard is the 2nd Retrospec board in our list. This time it’s from the ‘Rift’ series.

We know what Retrospec is capable of. If you consider the price, this a great deal having so many features and positive sides. Cause from a low budget board, you cannot expect better performance than this.

At first, we will inform you about the impressive design it has. It’s a classic surf-style longboard which gives the riders valiant retro feel. You will have five colour options here to choose one. I hope you will love the one called ‘tropical flora’.

Now the most crucial part, which is the longboard deck. The manufacturer has used Maple laminated to build the deck. Full credit goes to the Retrospec engineering team. As a result, it has enhanced the stability and agility of the deck. Yet, this one is a super-duper lightweight board.

In addition to that, the 180mm non-traditional kingpin trucks make the controlling and turning very reactive and responsive. The wheels attached to the trucks are Polyurethane with 78A hardness.

If you are riding on a very smooth surface or a downhill road, the wheels will not only give you the extra grip needed but also give you longer rolls. You will need less pushing. The reason behind this is the pre-lubricated bearings.

All of the characteristics make this Rift drop-through best for commuting, carving, cruising and downhill riding also.

What do you say? Isn’t it precise?



Radial concave deck


Cutouts for preventing wheel bite

Improved push power


Underperforming bearings

Less weight loading capacity




Why we recommend

The ability to perform various styles has compelled us to love this board particularly.

Krown Rasta Lion Freestyle Elite Longboard

Krown is a longboard making brand which is well-known for the usage of famous Rasta colors in the longboards. As a beginner board, we have chosen Rasta Lion Freestyle Longboard from this brand.

This drop-through deck belongs to the elite series.

The engineering artisan of Krown has given this board a freestyle shape. At first sight, you will love its shape and Rasta design.

At a very cheap price, Krown Rasta Lion offers very good components. For instance, the deck is made of 9 ply Maplewood. Whichever trick you try to do maybe you will fall, but the deck will remain intact and give excellent service.

So, there is no compromise in terms of strength and stiffness. Rather it gives more stable performance because of the lower center of gravity.

Yes, it is a bit short in length than the other longboards, but it’s not a problem. Instead it makes the downhill rides easier.

End of the day, only the quality matters and it’s your choice.

Aluminum alloy 7 inches trucks are reverse kingpin. The high rebound urethane white wheels are soft enough so that braking and controlling is fun.

But in our opinion, it’s good for cruising rather than going downwards.

Though the wheelbase is small, you will enjoy the advantages of it when you hop on the board.

The only major drawback is the less weight taking capacity. But maybe it’s not a problem for everyone.



Complete longboard

Easy turn and responsive


Short deck length

Small wheelbase

Less weight capacity

Why we recommend

Drop-through deck is always preferable. And if we talk about the performance particularly, it’s an all-rounder.

Rimable Drop-down Longboard

Among our best XI, Rimable Drop-down Longboard is the last one to deliver the best performance in its ability. You know how a drop-down deck looks like, right?

In case of a drop-down deck, the standing surface is lower than the nose and the tail. Of course, it has lower center of gravity. And so as the Rimable Drop-down Longboard.

Well, at first we should talk about the building quality of the deck. In terms of design, it’s a glacier black both the side. The manufacturer has given the medium concave deck a symmetrical shape.

As a material, 9 layers of Maple laminated wood has been used. And that has made the board sturdy and stiff enough. So, in case of day to day ride and practice, you will have an impactful performance.

The trucks are traditional top mounted. According to the manufacturer, those are Aluminum trucks.

Longboard wheels are mainly PU wheels due to its durability and performance. And Rimable also comes with PU wheels with the ideal size and durometer. It has 85A hardness so that you won’t get enough grip.

ABEC-9 precision bearings give the wheels a decent amount of rolling due to the high-speed lubricant.

Maximum weight capacity is not up to the mark. But you can compromise with it.

The experts suggest this beginner board for cruising and carving.



Symmetrical shape deck

Attractive design

Complete longboard

Lower center of gravity


Less weight capacity

Underperforming bearings




Why we recommend

Performance is the only factor for choosing any longboard, and Rimable doesn’t fail on the tests. Moreover, it is a drop-down longboard.

Our Method of Research

Finding out the best one from the piles of products is not an easy process. It requires limitless time, studies, and dedication. As we were intended to find out the best longboards of 2022 for beginners; that’s our job (and we care for you), we spent hours and hours on this.

In this process, we had 19 products on our primary list, and finally, we narrowed down the list to 11.

But the question is, how?

Well, for picking the best beginner longboards, we focused on four factors: style, budget, material, and component.

Along with these factors, we have considered the brand values and gone through lots of customer reviews.

In the final stage, our team has tested each longboard to ensure quality.

So, that’s the story of our hard work.

Our hard work will be paid off if you find this article helpful.

However, for your better understanding, we have organized a buyer’s guide so that you can able to learn about the basics and theories. Don’t forget to have a check on it.

How to Choose a Longboard- A complete beginner’s guide

When you are a novice and don’t know much about longboards, it becomes very complicated to find out the suitable one. Anything may happen. You may either waste your penny or may buy an imperfect one due to the lack of basic knowledge.

You should start learning from the very beginning. Here we will let you know some theoretical basics about longboards so that the buying process gets easier for you.

We will try to keep it short as far as possible. Beginners at this stage don’t need to go very deep.

good Longboard for starter
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As a beginner, the first thing you should check properly is the deck of any longboard. Cause the performance required by any beginner entirely depends on the deck quality and size. Whichever deck you choose, it should be durable and stable. Lack of stability may hamper your learning process.

So, when choosing a deck, there comes five major things which you need to consider. They are shape, style, surface, size, and weight.


In our article, you have already observed various types of longboard decks. According to the shape, all of them can be divided into four types:

  • Cruiser
  • Drop-down
  • Drop-through
  • Pintail

Except for the drop-through shape, all of them are suitable for the new riders.

Especially the cruiser and drop-down decks offer more stability than others. Pintail longboards are also great cruisers. Then why have we suggested drop-through boards for you?

Wait! You will get the answer after a while.


According to the riding styles, the longboard decks can be divided into four categories:

  • Cruising
  • Freeriding
  • Downhill riding
  • Dancing

The experts recommend cruising and freeriding styles to the beginners. The drop-down decks are used for freeriding. On the other hand, drop-through decks are more suitable for longboarding downhills.

In our top picks, most of the drop-through decks are also capable of cruising and carving. Now, you got your answer, right?


You should not overlook the deck surface as it is of great importance. You will see three types of surface:

  • Camber
  • Concave
  • Flat

All of the surfaces are conducive for good beginning rides.


All the longboards of the market feature different sizes. If we breakdown the word ‘size’, then we will find the length, width and height. All of them have their parts to enhance the credibility of the deck. As we are discussing longboards, the most fundamental part is the deck length. According to the experts, the ideal length of a deck is between 36”-42”.

Both the height and width create differences in terms of stability. The more the board is wider, the more stability it has.


The deck should be lightweight and portable too. We suggest you not to go for any longboard which weighs more than 11lbs.


Like the deck size and shape, it is also very important to have a check on the materials. The materials used in the deck ensure durability and reliability. If you carefully observe, then you will see four types of materials are mainly used for constructing the deck.

  • Bamboo
  • Maplewood
  • Fiberglass
  • Carbon fiber

Okay, we have not mentioned any longboard that is made of fiberglass or carbon fiber. Fiberglass makes the board super lightweight. But the entry-level fiberglass longboards are less durable. And the carbon fiber is too expensive for beginners like you.

So, you will need to rely on the Maple or bamboo made decks.

The decks made of bamboo are light and flexible. If you want to do cruising or carving, then nothing could be better than this.

And the Maplewood is suitable for downhill and freeriding as they are more durable and have less flex.

Our suggestion for you is to go for such a deck which is the combination of both the materials.

Don’t worry. You will find it on our top pick list.


Trucks are one of the most fundamental parts of a longboard. Without a set of qualitative trucks, the board’s performance is nearly zero. And as a beginner rider, you should know how to ensure the quality of a truck.

When it comes to the trucks, there comes size, material and types.


Width of the axle’s face or the hanger determine the truck size. And this creates differences in terms of turning and stability. The boards having wider hanger are more stable, but turnings are not smooth.

On the other hand, the less wide hangers are less stable, but they make every turning smooth.

Here we are giving you the ideal size so that you may not have any confusion regarding this.

  • If the board is 9” wide or more than 9”, then go for 180mm hangers
  • If the board is wide less than 9”, then go for 150mm hangers


Do not forget to consider the building materials of the trucks. There are many non-brand longboards which come with trucks made of cheap plastic materials. And they fake about it.

So, make sure the longboard you are adding to you cart has good quality trucks. Aluminium is the best longboard material for trucks.


According to the kingpin position, longboard trucks are of two types:

  • Traditional
  • Reverse

In case of traditional trucks, the center bolts face inside. On the contrary, the reverse ones face outwards.

Experts suggest going for the longboard trucks having reverse kingpin because they are good for all kind of riding styles. The riders get maximum stability due to it as the trucks sit lower and are very responsive.

Moreover, you can tighten or loosen the trucks according to your comfort. Before doing this, you need to learn the steps.

Guy standing on longboard
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The next thing you need to keep on your checklist is the wheels. Most of the longboard wheels are superior at performance. You will see the differences in the diameter, durometer, shape and materials.


Diameter mainly refers to the size, more specifically the radius of a wheel. There are longboard wheels of different sizes. Big wheels give more stability than the smaller wheels.

As a beginner, you should not go for the wheels not less than 70mm.


Durometer determines the hardness of a wheel. In the case of longboard wheels, you should never choose hard and stiff wheels. Rather go for a set of wheels which are soft enough to make necessary grip and absorb bumps. In a word, less hard wheels stand for ultimate comfort.

The wheels with 78A-85A are recommended for the new riders.


There are two types of wheels mainly, according to the shape:

  • Straight edged
  • Round edged

Both the wheels are good to go for the beginners. But if you are in confusion, then I would say straight-edged wheels.


Most longboard wheels are made of Polyurethane. But some of them are made of Urethane only.

The polyurethane wheels are soft, and they can produce bounce and absorb shocks. In all kinds of roads, these wheels never get tired.


The bearings are placed inside the wheels, and their prime task is to reduce the friction between the wheels and the axles. Having a set of good quality bearings is important because it contributes to the rolling of the wheels.

The bearings are mainly made of two different materials:

  • Steel
  • Ceramic

Steel made bearings are responsive and economical also. But they require regular maintenance.

All the beginners longboard feature steel bearings. So, after a particular period, you need to change the stock bearings.

You will see ‘ABEC rating’ often in the bearings. This is used to determine precision and tolerances.

The higher the rating, the higher the precision. As a result, it produces enough rpm for the wheels.

Anti wheelbite technology                         

When does the wheel biting happen? You need to know it first.

When you turn your longboard on a ride, wheel biting may take place. That causes damage not only to the wheels but also to the longboard decks.

To prevent this from happening, different brands use different technologies. For example, the Retrospec Zed has milled wheel wells on the graphic side.

Some longboards have cutouts around the nose and tail so that there may not happen any conflict.

On the other hand, some longboards feature the opportunity of installing riser pads under the trucks. But that increases the height of the trucks and reduces stability.

So, better if you avoid this idea of installing riser pads.

Grip tape

Grip tape is one kind of tape which is attached on the grip side or the upper side of the deck. The reason behind this is to produce grip in the foot placing area. So, when you hop on the board, you feel steady and comfortable.

Every longboard comes with grip tape. The fact is, it should be endowed with qualities.

Weight Capacity                           

We know weight capacity is a major concern for many riders. The formula is straightforward.

A longboard is your personal transportation.

You know your weight, right?          

Choose a longboard that matches with your weight.

Beginner Tips

We won’t leave you until we have spoken everything.


  • After purchasing your preferable longboard, you need to learn how to ride it properly. You can take help from the experts
  • Don’t forget to buy the necessary protective gears
  • You are not done by having a beginner longboard in your collection. You need to take great care and regular maintenance of the longboard. If you don’t know how to do it, we are there for you.


Readers often ask these questions-

Q1. What is the difference between longboard and skateboard?

A: Great question!

Actually, there are pretty similarities between these two.

Apart from this, the main difference between these two is the shape, size and performance. Longboards have bigger decks and are more stable than the skateboards. On the other hand, the skateboards are for doing tricks.

Q2. Which is the ideal longboard style for beginners?

A: For beginners, I think the perfect & best longboard style is cruising.

Cruising boards are not built for speed. Instead, they are built for stability. The fundamental aim of a cruising longboard is to maintain a constant speed and make a stable ride.

Q3. How hard is it to learn to ride a longboard?

A: When you are trying to learn something new, it is very hard. Learning to ride longboard is not an exception to that. At the very beginning, it doesn’t seem easy to stand and control. You may get frustrated.

Gradually you will understand the controls and innovate your own methods. But you need limitless practice, patience and dedication for learning this.

Q4. Can I go uphill riding a longboard?

A: Of course, you can!

Nothing can stop you except the extreme high uphills.

But in the case of semi-flat uphills, you can ride by your longboard. For this, you will need to master the skill of pushing rapidly.

Q5. What are the protective gears I should wear for riding a longboard?

A: You should always wear a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, butt pads, slide gloves for your own protection. It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice or a professional.

The Ultimate Winner                             

If we think all of our top picks altogether form a cricket team, then it’s very tough to choose the best player. Even so, if you insist, we will cast our vote to the Volador Freeride Cruiser Longboard.

In terms of strength, flex, stability, looks and design, the board has ranked with high marks.

We can surely announce it as the best longboard for beginners in 2022.

Final Words

In the longboard arena, better components stand for better performance. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the same goes to you. We have tried to gather here all the necessary information that can help you as well. Go through the products, stick to the basics and make your choice.

Wish you good luck!

Stay safe!

Happy riding!

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