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Are you that person who loves to ride skateboards and looking for the best electric skateboard suggestions? Then you are all well in the right place. Let me tell you first; electric skateboards are no more the same as before. With the changing time, the technologies on the board have been evolved. And 2022’s e-skateboards have much more to offer that is beyond your imagination.

Here we have picked the best 15 electric skateboards of 2022, which we believe will be your perfect riding companions. Before diving into the ocean, let’s have a look at the top-picked products.

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Our Top Picks

The Budget becomes the biggest barrier from hitting the best product when you have already premeditated it.

So, we have divided the selected 15 electric skateboards into 4 categories (A, B, C & D) according to the budget range for your convenience. But we strongly recommend you to go through every e-skateboard review from all the categories.

There are possibilities that you might change your mind in the end. Either you may want to raise the budget or find a compact one at a very cheap rate.

Here Are The 15 Best E-skateboard Reviews

Best Electric Skateboards over 1000$

Evolve Bamboo GTR 2 in 1 Electric Skateboard

Evolve Skateboards Street Electric Skateboard
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Evolve Bamboo GTR 2 in 1 e-skateboard of the Bamboo GTR Series is a beast performer from the Evolve production house. This phenomenal skateboard has outperformed almost all the motorized skateboards in near ranges.

Investing money on this board won’t be a bad idea at all because you will get a premium old school deck with classy design and latest technology.

In addition to that, 3 ply bamboo and 2 ply fiberglass have been used as deck materials for making it more resilient, waterproofed and strong.

The positive side of this magnificent skateboard starts with the brushless out runner motors it has. And these motors are the core sources of its power and speed both. It will make you fly as the top speed & range are the proofs.

Also, Bamboo GTR is able to make the uphill rides fast and smooth with a 30% incline rate. Thanks to its powerful 36V Lithium-ion coated battery!

The Sony travel-friendly battery in the box is a good initiative by the manufacturer.

You will get the opportunity of using adjustable wheels. That will enable you to use the street and all-terrain wheels both.

The only negative side in the features we found is its weight loading capacity. In our opinion, it is not a reasonable point for rejecting, even though it has so many positive sides.


Adjustable wheels

Extra portable battery

Outstanding speed & range

Up to 30% hill gradient in GTR mode

1 year warranty




Low weight taking range



Why We Recommend:

The top-class performance of the powerful dual-motors of Evolve Bamboo GTR has impressed us. That’s the reason for picking it up.

Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard Editor’s choice

Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard
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We have picked the Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard as the 2nd electric skateboard in our list. This 3rd generation well-upgraded skateboard has caught our attention by its overall performance.

Previously there were some issues regarding battery and mileage, and now they have been solved in this new-gen board. So, the number one plus point is the extended range battery which is capable of making your ride up to 14 miles.

The swift charging feature has made this skateboard promising to us. You will have your board charged 80% in just 1 hour, and the rest 20% takes up to 45 minutes.

The Boosted Stealth has some amazing features to offer. You will get a super-flex composite deck made of fiberglass and poplar core with the ideal length. When you ride on to uneven and rough surfaces, the vibration will be reduced due to the vibration dampening foam in the deck.

Its powerful dual belt drive motors will give you a decent top speed. The newly added hyper mode will make your uphill riding a lot easier than before.

In terms of carving, cruising, the Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard is super responsive. The regenerative braking system makes every turning very smooth. All of these are possible because of the ergonomic Bluetooth controlled remote featuring anti jerk filter.


Extended range battery

Powerful motor

Vibration dampening foam

High-speed charging

1 year warranty


Air travelling not supported

No IP rating

Not waterproof



Why We Recommend:

The 3rd Gen Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard has impressed the loyal customers of the boosted boards and also us by its top-notch performance. The reason behind picking it is its battery, motor, riding modes, and quick-charging capability.

Boosted Plus Motorized Skateboard For advanced skaters

Boosted Plus motorized Skateboard best for advanced skaters1
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The Boosted Plus E-Skateboard is a 3rd gen board and is the successor version of the previous Boosted Dual 2nd Gen. The basic difference between these two is the battery capacity. Unlike the predecessor, it gives mileage of 14 miles with the extended range battery. Also here you will get the swift charging support.

So having ‘Boosted Stealth’ in the list, what’s the reason for picking ‘Boosted Plus’?

Simple! The proficiency and price of this dual motor e-skateboard are the reasons. Moreover, the manufacturer has not left any chance of raising questions regarding the quality and performance of the Boosted plus.

Boosted Plus gets power from dual 2000 watt belt drive motors. With the well-constructed super flex deck, consisting polymer sidewalls, high-density vibration dampening foam, lightweight poplar core and tri-axial fiberglass, your riding will be lit and super maneuverable.

Hyper mode is not included in the 4 riding modes. But this board will give you maximum satisfaction of speed. On top of that, its incline rate is 25%. So you don’t have to be worried about uphill climbing.

We find it quite frustrating that it is not water-resistant. But who wants to skate during heavy falls?

You get an ergonomic Bluetooth remote not having LCD screen. Safe riding is not a tale anymore!


High density rubber wheels

Weight up to 250lbs (113 kg)

Fast charging

25% hill ingredient


1 year warranty



No IP rating





Why We Recommend:

The Boosted Plus is equally strong like other boosted boards. In its respective price range, there is no other option than the Boosted Plus. Its look and performance have compelled us positively to include it in the list.

Best Electric Skateboard under 1000$

Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

Boosted Mini X Motorized Skateboard
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Ah! The boosted boards are such that we cannot ignore them!

Boosted Mini X is the perfect combination of size, power and performance. If you want to gift your son or daughter an electric skateboard this Christmas, nothing can be better than the Boosted Mini X.

Really, the Boosted Mini X electric skateboard justifies its name. Its deck height is smaller than any other usual electric skateboard. Besides that, it is lightweight and super portable also for your grown-up kids.

For the first time, the Boosted board manufacturer has introduced deep-dish technology in the deck and used high-end snowboard manufacturing construction technique. You can have a springy, lively riding feel due to the lightweight poplar core.

You will be unable to underestimate the dual-belt drive motors on which the Boosted Company has relied for over the years. And the top riding speed and mileage will talk for that.

As the extended range battery is 199Wh, you are not allowed to carry it on the plane. But you can opt for 99Wh standard range battery which is air-travel permitted.

In all the riding-modes, you can easily have smooth acceleration and turns. The regenerative braking system will give you a decent back-up.

You will float on the imperfect roads due to the replaceable tail pucks. With this mini beast, you can ride uphill as it is 20% hill grade.


Super portable

Air-travel friendly

Replaceable tail puck

Weighs up to 250lbs

1 year warranty



No IP rating




Why We Recommend:

We are amazed by the speed, and range Boosted Mini gives. Any commuter, who regularly commutes around the city, would love to grab it as personal transportation.

Outstorm 31 mph Off-road Electric Skateboard

Outstorm 31 mph Off road Battery Powered Skateboard
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Outstorm Off-road electric skateboard is the fastest off-road E-skateboard under 1000$ undoubtedly. For all the off-road e-skateboard lovers out there, who want to lose themselves in the off-road adventures, this is a bang for the buck.

In support of that, we can stand three points.

Number one, the 3300-watt dual brushless motor it has! Can you imagine?

Number two is the top speed of OUTSTORM Off-road E-Skateboard. You can ride on the off-roads even faster than a car along with the maximum range of 19 miles.

Number three is the powerful built-in battery of it. It comes with a 36V lithium coated battery, and for being fully charged, it takes 2.5-3 hours.

Don’t overthink. It is quite reasonable as big and powerful motors consume more charge than others.

In all kinds of terrains and surfaces, this Canadian maple made off-road e-skateboard is able to carry you with the same riding experience as other electric skateboards. The pneumatic tires have a great contribution on that also.

With the 30% hill gradient feature riding up to small hills is great fun as you don’t have to worry about the charge. On top of that, this electric skateboard has the capability of taking weight up to 330lbs.

There is a signal indicator in the remote through which you can get updated about the battery charge and speed. And you can control the speed with the speed control joystick and the reverse button.


Reverse button in the remote

Replaceable straps

Dual voltage

1 year warranty


A bit noisy

Street wheels cannot be attached

Irreplaceable battery


Why We Recommend:

When it comes to hitting the off-roads, this gigantic Outstorm electric skateboard is non-comparable.

Best E-Skateboards under 650$

Koowheel D3M 2nd Gen Battery Powered Skateboard

Dual Motor Electric Skateboard
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You haven’t heard the name of Koowheel electric boards, do you?

Earlier they had produced electric scooters, but now they are making pretty cool and stylish electric skateboards in a mid-range budget. And here we have Koowheel D3M Second Gen Electric Skateboard on board to review.

This premium looking skateboard deck is made of maple woods which has added elasticity and toughness. Besides that, it comes with the dual brushless hub-motors which are well-known for making the rides quiet with decent speed & range. A 36V Lithium-ion switchable battery has been used to gear up the motors.

Though the manufacturer claims that the board is 25% hill gradient, but in practice, it is roughly 20% hill gradient. But the hub-motors give a decent backup in this regard.

The PU wheels of this e-skateboard are the decision making factors. The PU wheels used here are less noisy, and they have given the board a better loading capacity up to 286lbs.

You get an elegant and ergonomic wireless remote with the dedicated ‘reverse’ button. So, speed controlling is much more convenient.

If we consider customer support as a negative point, then there are mixed reviews among the customers.

But in addition to all these features, you will have a premium feel in this mid-range for sure.


Hub motors


Swappable battery

PU wheels hardness 85A

1 year warranty


Average customer service

Slow charging




Why We Recommend:

Koowheel D3M Second Gen Eskateboard is suitable for kids and the commuters. Despite some connectivity issues, you will get comfortable riding experiences with regular usage due to the PU wheels. That’s the reason for recommending this dual motorized electric KOOWHEEL skateboard.

Backfire G2T Electric Skateboard

Backfire G2T best biginners Electric Skateboard
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Backfire G2T aka ‘Galaxy G2T’ is another amazing mid-range electric skateboard in our list. This lightweight, super portable board is made of Hard Rock Maple wood which is not only flexible but also robust. It features a lower center of gravity so that you get a more stable e-skateboard.

In terms of reducing vibration during riding, Backfire G2T offers you two distinctive features. Due to the deck element and the internal metal ring used in the tires, the vibration is absorbed.

The 700-watt dual hub-motors used in this skateboard are the sources of great power. And the energy generated in the motors will make your everyday riding faster and comfortable. According to the price, speed and mileage are not mediocre.

For getting the most out of the skateboard, ‘Turbo mode’ has been added besides the other two modes. You will be able to get 20% acceleration by hitting the turbo key. And for controlling the modes, you will get an R-2 wireless remote. The plus point is it has an OLED display. Is it impressive or not?

Even if the battery is powerful enough, you cannot carry the board on the plane with the battery. But the positive part is you get a fast charger with the skateboard.

The manufacturer has claimed it water-resistant as it is IP55. So no tension of damaging it by splash!


Low maintenance cost

Replaceable wheels, tires, & motors

Lightweight and portable

Fast charger

Turbo mode

Water and dust resistant


Medium flex deck

Not air travel friendly





Why We Recommend:

Despite a few drawbacks, we have found so many positive sides in Backfire G2T which are really appreciating. Especially we can mention the OLED display and water resistance.

Teamgee H5 37” E-Skateboard

Teamgee H5 37” best all rounder electric longboard
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After researching certain numbers of Teamgee boards, we have selected Teamgee H5 37” electric skateboard for you. It is worth the value if we consider the performance.

The most significant feature of TEAMGEE H5 is its thinness. Being 0.59 inches thick, it is the thinnest electric skateboard under 650$ in the market. And we know many of you prefer thin and slim looking skateboards.

Teamgee has focused not only on the thinness but also on the building material and design. With the ideal length size, you will get a drop-through deck made of Canadian Maplewood and fiberglass. Drop through deck means it has a lower center of gravity. And you already know what that means.

Even though the electric skateboard is lightweight, it has failed in max loading capacity, which is below average. Indeed, it is a big issue for users.

But the good thing is, the speed and max range you get from TEAMGEE H5 is very much decent and convenient. Plus, the incline rate is 20%. Two 380 watt hub-motors hold the back in this regard.

Here the manufacturer has used 36V lithium-ion battery also. So, whether it is uphill or downhill, rough or smooth, you will never face the problem of battery running out so soon. Plus, when you are riding downhill, the battery gets charging.

Teamgee H5 is rated as IP54. But better you do not ride in the heavy rain.


Ultra thinnest deck

Drop through

Ultra-thin battery

1 year warranty


Medium flex

Average loading capacity



Why We Recommend:

We can say Teamgee H5 37” is an all-rounder electric skateboard. And thinness and drop-through deck are its unique traits.

Skatebolt Electric Skateboard 

SKATEBOLT Best Motorized Longboard with Remote Controller
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Skatebolt is one of the finest electric skateboard makers. You can compare their boards with the fast penny boards. Skatebolt motorized longboard is such an outstanding skateboard that will accompany you for a long time.

Skatebolt’s high-density deck is made of Northeast Maple. It gets power from the dual 500-watt hub-motors. As hub-motors have been installed, you will find every riding journey quieter and smoother.

Undoubtedly the performance in terms of speed and range of this board will be an attracting factor for you. In this price range, you will get a satisfactory speed and mileage, which are worth the money.

It is a bit heavy, in our opinion. But you will forget about the weight when you will find that the Skatebolt electric longboard has a high loading capacity which is up to 280lbs.

The skateboard features two distinctive riding modes, and the sports mode will make your riding day. The incline rate here you get is 25%. So, riding up to small hills and tracts are no matter for you.

But the fact which has turned us into this is the lights in the front & rear. Thanks to the manufacturer of Skatebolt. The light in the front & rear will enable you to ride safely after the dusk.

On the other hand, the skateboard is not much water-resistant as it is rated as IP33.


Weight loading capacity

Front and rear lights

Regenerative braking

Water resistance



Not air travel friendly

No gradual braking


Why We Recommend:

Along with the other features, Skatebolt e-skateboard enables you to ride even after the sunset. In mid-budget, it is a very promising feature which we loved.

Hiboy S22 Electric Skateboard

Hiboy S22 Best E Skateboard for Adults and Youths
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Hiboy S22 electric skateboard is our last pick under 650$ category. Hiboy skateboards have gained popularity among the customers due to their eye-catchy design and performance. And the product we have on our board is no exception to it.

The manufacturer has shaped Hiboy S22 with the letter ‘U’. Moreover, it features an attractive color. The combination of shape and color has made the e-skateboard’s look more premium. It is like ‘beauty with the brain’.

7 layers of Maple wood have been used to build the deck, and the trucks are forged. Plus, it has a lower center of gravity. That has added strength, stability, and flex. With this build quality, you can expect maximum comfort and durable lifespan from Hiboy S22.

If you are one of those who have a concern about weight loading capacity, then HIBOY S22 has no drawbacks in this regard.

The 350-watt dual hub motors generate a good amount of torque and power to run the 90 mm PU wheels duly. As a result, your Hiboy S22 can go for up to 14 miles at a moderate speed. It offers 4 riding modes and 4 braking modes with careful taper.

Charging requires 2.5-3 hours which is sufficient enough. Hiboy S22 is rated as IP 54. So as per the rules, it is water splash and moisture resistant.

When it comes to warranty, you will get 6 months warranty for the battery and 12 months warranty for the board and remote.


Lower center of gravity

Separate riding and braking modes

Vibration dampening

20% hill gradient

Warranty policy


No regenerative braking





Why We Recommend:

In our opinion, Hiboy S22 Electric Skateboard is an all-rounder with numerous positive sides. So, this is a top pick for the starters and the youths.

Best Electric Skateboards under 300$

Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard

alouette phoenix ryders best motorized skateboard longboard1
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As an electric skateboard under 300$, Alouette Phoenix Ryders is pretty compact and stylish. In this budget range skateboard, you will not get gigantic performance but what you will get is worth the money.

Even if it is a low budget electric skateboard, it comes with few distinctive features. We can mention the Polyurethane wheels. So there is less noise and less shock even if the surface is uneven.

Next, Alouette Phoenix Ryders provides protection from dust. So, feel free to ride in any environment.

The deck is made of Maple wood and bamboo which have made it strong. But there is no problem in carrying it as it is lightweight. That’s the reason you can buy it for your kid.

In this board, you will get 250-watt dual hub motors. It sounds less, but if you consider the performance, then it is ok. This dual motor electric skateboard is capable of giving max-speed up to 16 mph.

Smooth hill grading is not possible as it is 10% hill gradient.

If you want to ride for a long trip, then Alouette Phoenix is not for you. It goes up to 9.3 miles before the battery runs out. But for the college students and commuters, the range is more than enough.

The powerful Lithium battery has been used. The braking system is regenerative so that you will not have to overthink about the remaining charge when you are out.




Regenerative braking

Low speed mode for kids


10% hill grade

6 months warranty



Why We Recommend:

All in all, the Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard offers minimal features along with few impressive features. So, it is a preferable low budget option for you.

Blitzart Huracane 38” Electric Skateboard

Blitzart Huracane 38 Electronic Longboard
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If your budget is fixed and low, then you can consider Blitzart-Huracane 38” Electric Skateboard. Price-wise, it costs less than Alouette Phoenix Ryders. Though there are few numbers of major drawbacks, it is better than Alouette to some extent.

Starting with the deck material, it contains Maplewood and bamboo. Layers of both the material have not only increased the strength but also the weather resistance. Moreover, you will get a grip tape of premium quality on the deck. That will hold your foot in place, and while riding and floating on the rough surfaces, there is no chance to be displaced your foot.

When the battery is fully charged, you can rise up the speed up to 17 mph and safely reach the destination. In this regard, the 36V Lithium coated battery gives a decent backup.

With the dual 350-watt hub-motors, you can do smooth, faster and quiet skateboarding as the motors are brushless and hub. The manufacturer has claimed that the motors can continuously run for 1 hour, which we think is a big plus point.

Huracane 38” features 2 basic riding-modes. Riding styles not more than 2 are much easier for the beginners to control. Here you will get an ergonomic wrist strap in the remote so that you do not drop it.

Lastly, the board is lightweight, portable and can carry weight up to 250lbs.


Premium grip tape

Powerful battery

Weight loading capacity


Short warranty time

Tripping wheels


Why We Recommend:

Our verdict is the Huracane 38” electric skateboard is cost-effective. We recommend this one for those who are beginners.

Aceshin Battery Powered E-Skateboard

Aceshin Electric Skateboard Longboard Good for Teens
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Aceshin electric longboard is one of the best low budget electric skateboards available in the market. The specs and features of Aceshin prove that it is praiseworthy. If you look at the build quality and material, you will understand the manufacturer has tried best to provide almost everything in this price range.

In terms of weight, this Aceshin electric skateboard is lightweight, and that makes it super portable and maneuverable. For building the deck Northeast Maple and bamboo have been used.  There is no doubt regarding the durability and stability. But we have found the length of deck shorter than others.

In terms of power, it features a single 250-watt hub-motor while other skateboards are providing dual motors. It is surely a drawback, but you will see a satisfactory performance like other skateboards in this budget. And the proof is the hill grade percentage.

The battery used in this board is powerful enough to support the single hub-motor. And it does not take much time to be charged.

Another negative side we have found is the weight loading capacity. It is less than the ideal capacity.

Being fully geared with the skateboard kits, you can ride within the city with its 2 riding modes. It supports regenerative braking, and there is a dedicated reverse button in the 2.4G wireless remote for going backwards

We didn’t find any IP rating, but the manufacturer strongly claimed that it is splash resistant.


Turning off power consumption


Regenerative braking

10% hill grade


Short deck

Less weight taking ability

Single hub-motor


Why We Recommend:

Though there are drawbacks, the users have found this electric skateboard very handy and useful. We have chosen it for the new learners.

Swagtron Swagboard NG1 Electric Skateboard

Swagtron Swagboard NG1 Battery Powered Longboard Best for Youth
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The Swagtron Company has always made affordable electric skateboards that are not so rich in features but rich in quality. Such an electric skateboard is Swagtron Swagboard Next Gen-1 electric skateboard. If you don’t want to raise your budget and still search for quality, then Swagboard NG1 is the perfect product for you.

This board is best for daily commuting to the workplace.

You will get such a premium deck which is built by Canadian Maplewood. A superior grip tape has given to help your feet to hold in place. It surely is a pleasant feature. Isn’t it?

Again you get a single rear-wheel-drive brushless hub-motor in Swagtron. Performance-wise it is average. But as we said earlier, you will face no problem in regular commuting. The hub-motor gets charged by Lithium-ion Fe battery, and the battery case is built using ‘Sentrysheild tech’.

Coming to the wheels, you will get PU wheels, and in this board, the wheels used are scratch, heat and water-resistant.

You will not get that flying speed & range but what you will get is manageable.

The one feature that you will like is the ‘cruise control’. That refers that you will be able to set your preferable speed and it will maintain that speed unless you change it.

We heard some mixed reviews regarding customer support. For that, we will give this e-skateboard a demerit point.


Lightweight and affordable

Cruise control

Good performance

1 year warranty


Slow customer service

Underperformed battery

Less weight management capacity


Why We Recommend:

Other than the cons, it seems that the Swagboard NG1 offers a precise package following the budget. And when there is performance, the cons fade away.

RazorX Battery Powered Skateboard

RazorX Cruiser Cheapest E Skateboard For Beginners
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RazorX is the cheapest electric skateboard in our top 15 picks. It is cheap but not in quality. It has all the specs and features included what an ideal and affordable skateboard has. As usual, there are some drawbacks also, but comparing with the advanced skateboards features will be a foolish thing.

Let’s have a look on the positive sides. This RazorX product has been made for the kids as they don’t need to ride for long-range. It is as lightweight as portable. But if we compare it with the Swagboard NG1, it has better weight loading capacity.

The deck of RazorX is short, but the material used here has made it supremely flex. The deck is built by 5 ply Maple. Plus, the wheels are high-grip performance-oriented urethane wheels attached to the kingpin custom trucks. So, whether you ride on the streets or not, the wheels will absorb shock.

The power is generated from a single 125 watt rear-wheel-drive motor. With a full charge, you will be able to ride up to 10 mph. In this regard, the battery gets fully charged in 1 hour.

With the wireless 2.4G, remote speed controlling is quite easy. When the battery runs out, you can use it as a regular skateboard.

The only major negative point in our view is the hill grading incapability. But considering the budget, it should not be the priority.



Weight-bearing capacity

Kingpin trucks

Semi waterproof


Unable to go reverse

Limited range

No hill grade percentage


Why We Recommend:

Beside us, Amazon also has liked the cheap priced electric skateboard. It can be a better starting skateboard for your kid this Christmas.

How We Picked the Top E-Skateboards

It was not an easy journey at all. We have spent immeasurable time on researching the products and their market value. In this process, we have taken into consideration 27 products and come up with the best 15 products finally.

We believe that the best quality depends not only on the specs and features but also on the brand value, customer service, warranty policy, etc.

We have ensured these things have been checked thoroughly. Our team has personally tested all the chosen devices to find out the actual performance and flaws. And we are optimistic that you will end up choosing one from our top picks.

Go through our next section must for having a decent buying idea.

A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide: What to Look for

Before purchasing a qualitative electric skateboard, you need to prioritize the things that you want from your skateboard. Usually, customers think about speed and range. But there are some other vital factors to notice. These factors will boost to increase your winning chances as they are co-related with each other.

Make sure you have gone through all the points given below:

Deck Size:

As a buyer, your first task is to choose the right deck-size for you. Size of a deck matters as both feet need to fit correctly on the deck. If you want to have comfortable rides, then the size must be convenient as well as accurate in terms of length, width, and thickness.

And only you can determine the perfect size. We can merely give you an idea.

Deck dimension is directly connected with your height. For example, taller persons need big decks than short persons. On the other side, kids face difficulty riding on big decks.

In our view, the decks which are between 30”-38” are serviceable for most of you.


The next thing to keep in mind is the weight of the electric skateboard. There are many advantages to having a lightweight board. On the other hand, if you buy a bulky and heavier one, you will face problems regarding carrying it. Especially if you use the skateboard as personal transportation on a regular basis, then the board must be weight convenient.

Motors, batteries, trucks, wheels, and other components altogether determine the weight. High-end skateboards have much weight as they feature mighty motors and batteries.

So, you have to notice the board’s weight before you add it to the cart. It’s better if you choose an electric skateboard that weighs 13-16lbs.

Lastly, you should also check the maximum weight loading capacity as the standard range is up to 260lbs.


Portability is connected with the deck’s size and weight. For frequent travelers and commuters, less portability is a big issue.

If portability is your priority, then you should go for the lightweight and small boards. As a result, carrying will be effortless and convenient. Most of the companies are trying to make their skateboards as light as they can.

Even you can carry some lightweight electric skateboards on your back also.


When it comes to the material, we should talk about the skateboards deck first. Throughout the article, you have already learned that there are differences in deck material. The manufacturers use multiple layers of Canadian Maples, Northeast Maple wood, bamboo, fiberglass, aluminum, etc. to build the decks.

Each of them has separate and particular traits to enrich the deck. For instance, a bamboo made deck is sturdy. On the other part, fiberglass makes the deck more resilient. Maple wood is used for making the deck weather resistant.

Meanwhile, the motor house and battery get protection from steel. So, it should be in your checklist also.

Lastly, the materials play a vital role in terms of electric skateboard durability.


Wheels are one of the most fundamental parts of an electric skateboard. Because of poor quality wheels, you can have bad riding experience. Here we will talk about wheel material and size.

The wheels used in the skateboards are made of high-density rubbers. These rubbers give enough bounce and make the wheels more versatile. But there are differences in materials. Most of the e-skateboards use Polyurethane wheels, while only a few come with pneumatic wheels. Polyurethane wheels are good at absorbing shock. Moreover, they produce less noise and enough bounce.

Wheel size also makes an impact on performance. You need to understand the proper diameter in this regard. Most of the products we mentioned above come with 83 mm/96 mm/ 97 mm wheels.


The motor is the source of power and energy of an electric skateboard. Here you will see differences in motor numbers. Now is the time of dual-motors. Almost all the products we mentioned above feature dual motor. The usage of motors makes the boards more workable.

There comes a comparison of belt-drive motors and hubs. In high-end devices, belt-drive motors are used. Meanwhile, mid-range products use hub-motors. In terms of power, belt-drive is better than hub-motor as it produces more torque and comes with multiple wheel options. But they make the board heavy and produce loudness.

On the other hand, hub-motors are quieter and produce less torque. But today’s motors are improvised to give top speed. And they are also lighter than belt-driven motors. So, make your choice.


One single line can describe the importance of battery cells. Without a high-quality battery, your e-skateboard is not more than a normal skateboard. Here we will discuss a few things that you need to keep in your checklist.

There are 2 types of batteries seen in the electric skateboards: Li-Po and Li-ion. Most of the e-skateboards use Li-ion batteries now. Li-ion batteries are safer and have larger cycles than the Li-Po.

The next important thing is ‘voltage.’ Voltage helps the motors in producing torque. If you buy one with less voltage, then there will be less torque produced. And it will affect the speed and performance.

For a good quality skateboard, the standard voltage is 36V.  You have already seen that most of the mentioned products come with a 36V Lithium-ion batteries.

Lastly, the battery power output shall match with the motor output.

Speed & Range:

While buying a skateboard, the first question naturally comes into mind that how much and how fast it can go. So, we can say speed & range are the most desirable features of an electric skateboard.

Well, the fastness and range of a skateboard depend mostly on motor power. Powerful motors, containing higher watts, can run fast and give an outstanding range. The other factors which boost up the speed & range are the battery power output, battery Ampere, Ampere Hour (Ah), wheel size, weight, ESC, gear ratio, etc.

There is one more thing you need to keep in mind. Even if the motors are powerful and other things are okay, you may not get the same faster speed & range all the time. That may happen due to battery charge. Besides that, top speed & range get affected due to your weight and the maximum weight capacity also.

If you buy one which provides up to 17-24 mph top speed and goes for 12-15 miles, then you are good to go, though it varies with the budget.

Riding Mode:

Riding mode is an important feature to consider while looking for a top-performing electric longboard skateboard. Riding tones assists you in riding in several speed settings.

Usually, there are 2 basic modes: beginner and advanced. But nowadays almost all the skateboards feature 3 or 4 modes for riding. Even some high-end devices have 5 riding modes. As riding tones refer to speed settings, it will be a massive advantage for you, if you choose an e-skateboard which comes with more than 3 modes in riding.

And the highest riding styles will give you the mentioned top speed by the manufacturer. So, if you are commuting through the city, it is easy for you to lower the speed to avoid accidents.


In the previous section, we talked about riding-modes. A good quality remote can control those modes. Also, you have to brake using the remote provided in the box.

The design, material, button, Bluetooth, etc. determine the remote’s quality. Most of the skateboard remotes of these days have an ergonomic design. You should look for if there is any grip to hold the remote firmly.

Through the signal indicator, you will get updates about the remaining charge, current speed, and other statistics. For that, the remote should be very responsive in terms of connectivity. If there is any connectivity issue, then riding will not be safe. So, go to the manufacturer site or read customer experiences to learn about this.

Many of the remotes lack the LCD screen feature. In our view, it is a useful feature which every manufacturer should take seriously.

Braking System:

You shouldn’t ignore the braking system of an electric system. If the braking system is not up to the mark, then it is impossible to have a safe ride. And you can’t have a complete idea about braking by checking it online. Braking ability can be measured by hopping on the board.

You shall ensure that the board you chose has the regenerative braking system. It means that when you press the brake button, the kinetic energy used is stored back to the battery for further use when it is needed. In other words, the battery gets charged when you decelerate. As a result, it increases your range even if the battery does not have enough charge.

Hill Grade:

Hill grade means the hill-climbing ability of an e-skateboard which is also known as the incline ratio. It is denoted by percentage. In our mentioned products, you will see differences in climbing ability. Some skateboards are 10-15%, while some other boards feature a 20-25% incline-rate.

The percentage told by the manufacturers may differ due to your weight and charge of the battery. And actually it happens in practice. But you will get a near performance to that percentage.

Before finalizing, you need to make sure two things.

At first, select an electric skateboard that comes with dual-motors having higher watts. Dual motors are more efficient in hill climbing than single motors. But you shouldn’t expect to ride up to big hills.

Secondly, check whether it supports hill climbing or not, or even if supports, then what the incline percentage is.


Water-resistance is such a feature that enlarges your electric skateboard component’s durability. But the fact is no skateboard comes with 100 percent resistance. Instead, they offer slight protection from water splash, and it varies from board to board.

Ingress Protection Code (IPC) refers to protection from various particles by denoting a number. If the skateboard is weather or water-resistant, then the manufacturer mentions it in the description.

So, do have a check on whether the electric skateboard you selected has an IP rating or not.

But the truth is, they are not fully resistant as they provide slight protection for a while. That means your board has merely protection from being damaged internally. But we strongly recommend you not to ride in the heavy falls so as the manufacturers.

Air Travel Friendly:

If you are a frequent traveler and love to have skateboard rides during vacation, then this is a must-have trait for your skateboard. Moreover, you are not allowed to carry all the things on the plane. There are specific rules and regulations for that.

All the electric skateboards are not air-travel support. Only a few of them are air-travel friendly. The reason behind this is the battery size.

Electric skateboards use Lithium-ion batteries mostly. these batteries are dangerous to carry on a plane. Besides, you will notice something like ‘Watt-hour’ in the product descriptions. It determines the battery size. The travel authorities permit to carry batteries not more than 99Wh in hand luggage.

So, make sure your chosen product has that benefit.

Warranty Policy:

Lastly, we will talk about the warranty policies of the skateboards. The period of the warranty shall not be limited, as it is an electronic device.

That’s where the brand value comes. Popular brands provide larger warranty time, and they have good warranty policies. On the other side, the non-branded companies are more into luring the customers by their words rather than their customer service.

In our opinion, an electric skateboard shall have at least 1 year or maximum 2 years warranty.

Few Superfluous Tips for You:

1) If you are not an expert, then don’t get excited on the first day. Riding an electric skateboard is not that easy, especially if you haven’t used any before. If you don’t keep patience, either you will find yourself in the hospital bed, or you will give damage to the skateboard. So, you need to learn all the necessary rules and techniques first about how to ride an electric skateboard.

2) Whether you are a beginner or an expert, there are always a few safety concerns. You need to wear protective gear before hopping on the board to avoid unwanted incidents. Don’t forget the remote and make sure there is enough charge before getting out.

3) Like other electronic devices, electric skateboards require regular maintenance sessions. So, don’t neglect this point. Sometimes you may find the wheels not working properly, or there are dust and debris. Then you will need to get the bearings out and clean the wheels. If you don’t become familiar with each part, then it will be difficult for you.


Readers often ask these questions:-

Q1. What is the advantage of having an electric skateboard?

A: Well, the numbers of advantages of an electric skateboard are many. First of all, you can use it as your personal transport. So, whenever you have to go out, you won’t have to wait for taxis or other public transports. Besides, it saves time and money both. Moreover, it is eco-friendly and also helps to improve your health fitness.

Q2. How difficult is it for beginners to maintain balance on an electric skateboard?

A: Electric skateboard riding is effortless and faster. But in the first place, it requires a numberless effort and time for the beginners. You need to earn that riding skill by following some rules and techniques. When a skateboard runs, that is in motion. So, balancing the body with the motion is tough.

That’s why you should start at a low speed setting. Better if you try a regular non-electric skateboard for balance practice.

Q3. Can I take my e-skateboard on the plane?

A: This question has both types of answers: positive and negative.

Let me tell you first; there are conflicts regarding rules between the FAA and TSA. Plus, there are confusions also. FAA and TSA provide a distinct prohibition list of things that you cannot carry on a plane.

According to TSA, you can carry your electric skateboard on the plane if the battery is not more than 99Wh. On the other side, the FAA allows to carry it if the battery does not exceed 160Wh.

So it’s clear that if the battery size exceeds the mentioned size, then you will be barred to carry.

We have a solution here. If you detach the battery from the board, then you can carry the battery in hand luggage, and the board will go in check-in luggage.

Besides, every airline has separate rules. So before boarding, have a check on the rules.

Q4. Which is the correct standing stance on an e-skateboard?

A: We must say standing position depends on your comfort. Follow what you naturally feel. If the goofy stance makes you feel relaxed and give more balance, then avoid regular stance.

In this regard, we can share a trick with you. It is called the football trick. If you use your left foot to kick a football, then keep that foot in the back and right foot in the front. The foot placed in the end gives more stability and strength so that any accidents can be avoided.

Q5. Shall I buy my 7 years old kid to ride e-skateboards?

A: We will say no. There are no hard and fast rules regarding the minimum age number. But the expert skateboarders always discourage to let your 7 years old kid ride an electric skateboard. Instead, they suggest letting the kids ride a classic skateboard so that they can grow with it.  

Our Verdict

It’s very tough to choose one from the best 15 electric skateboards. But if we have to choose, then Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard is the ultimate winner in 2022. We really liked its performances following the specs and features. In addition to that, their commitment and customer care policy has won the competition.

Also, we are disclosing our personal choices from the other categories below:-

Best electric skateboard under 1000$ / 650$ / 300$

– Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

– Teamgee H5 37” Electric Skateboard

– Blitzart Huracane 38” E-Skateboard

Final Words

The best product comes not with the money but with the best review. That’s what we believe and offer to make it easy for you. We have tried to narrow down all the necessary things about the top e-skateboards in 2022. We have done our part.

Now, it’s your time to make a choice.

Happy riding!

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