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SkatersCargo.com started pre-fall 2018 as a little Skateboarding orientated blog, which currently has developed quickly to a bit of community center point for riders and skaters the same. Riders would now be able to have a dependable asset online to use as an apparatus to direct them to choices for items or to follow basic aides for riders around the world.

Not at all like the greater part of the conventional Skateboarding/riding sites out on the web, SkatersCargo.com is made, maintained, and refreshed by lover’s riders with real information and enthusiasm. SkatersCargo.com is gradually becoming increasingly perceived in the riding community among riders and skaters, causing it to become a more household name.

About SkatersCargo.com

The site started as a little summer blog in late 2019. However has formed into an overall legitimate brand, in light of the key plan to give riders/skaters of all capacities master feelings on Skating items that are promptly accessible on the web and to spread our insight through aides.

Increasingly About Our Team

SkatersCargo.com is developed, updated, and maintained by numerous enthusiasts that provide independent reviews and opinions on various Skateboarding, longboarding, and other related products readily available online.

All content that is on this site has written by our expert group of skating and longboarding writers. Just as our item audits, we additionally produce valuable aides, instructional exercises, tips, and the most recent on Skateboarding/surfing news, which are totally added to SkatersCargo.com. Most of the crowd is situated inside the US, yet the substance is focused on all-inclusive.

Diversely to numerous other Skating sites, we endeavor to test the entirety of the items that are recorded on the site. We have various styles of riders and skaters in our group to guarantee that we can create the best feelings from various viewpoints to test the items with.

Our Mission

At SkatersCargo.com, we attempt to discuss boarding or riding related topics, which include Skateboarding, longboarding, surfing. Our team has expert knowledge and product using experience that allows us to provide detailed product reviews that are helpful for other enthusiasts alike. Our reviews & guides similarly aim to provide easy solutions to many problems, whether they’re unique or common that you have with your product/experience. If you feel as though this webpage is not featuring relevant content in certain areas, please feel free to get in touch and contact us as we are open to ideas to achieve our goal of being the #1 resource for all enthusiasts out there.

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